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The future of farming?


copyright the Chronicle March 7, 2018 ALBANY — Brock and Eric Columbia grew up on a dairy farm in Troy. Both wanted to farm on their own but didn’t, largely because it’s a daunting proposition these days. “You can’t even get into farming now,” Eric said. The s... More »

Out for a Saturday stroll


copyright the Chronicle March 7, 2018 EAST CRAFTSBURY — It was likely not unusual to see a team of oxen on a back road in Vermont 200 years ago. But it was a surprise to pass Rick Thomas training a young team on the South Albany Road Saturday afternoon. The pa... More »

Record thaw brings mud and floods


copyright the Chronicle February 28, 2018 Even without the predicted heavy rains, last week’s record warm weather worsened ice jams, flooded roads, and launched a brief preview of mud season. On February 21, when temperatures in the area approached 60 degrees,... More »

Collectors of all kinds gather for annual fair


copyright the Chronicle February 21, 2018   ORLEANS — Larry Kryzsko — pronounced like the shortening, he says — is passionate about antique glass insulators. He collects the kind that used to hold electric and telegraph wires away from the poles in the 1800s a... More »

Governor visits a thriving Jay Peak resort


copyright the Chronicle February 21, 2018 JAY PEAK — Jay Peak is prospering, and its success could lead to a big payday for foreign investors, who not so long ago appeared to be holding the short straw. At a Valentine’s Day ceremony celebrating the opening of ... More »

Singing — one way to brighten a long winter


copyright the Chronicle February 21, 2018 EAST CRAFTSBURY — A new family chorus in the southern part of Orleans County isn’t what an outsider might expect. There’s no sheet music, no lines of people standing on risers, no hushes or admonitions for restless chi... More »