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Glover crash: passenger sets record straight

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by Meghan Wayland

GLOVER — Three people were taken to North Country Hospital Sunday afternoon after a 23-year-old Montpelier man crashed his car into a tree on Route 16 outside Labour of Love Landscaping and Nursery in Glover Village.

State Police Trooper Joshua Mikkola’s press release says that Phineas Keppel-Lonegren, the car’s driver, “reported he passed out behind the wheel just minutes after trying to see how long he could hold his breath.”

Cherisse Wildflower took to Facebook Monday to say that Trooper Mikkola’s press release, and the news stories that followed, were simply not true.  She wrote that she would never let someone drive her car — with herself and son as passengers — “who would be stupid enough to see how long they could hold their breath while driving.”

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