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Spychip Armageddon, by Raymond Perkins


Children’s author takes aim at adult readers   Spychip Armageddon, by Raymond Perkins, illustrated by Stephanie Perkins, 400 pages.  Available from Amazon.  $12.95 in paperback, $2.99 on Kindle.   reviewed by Chris Braithwaite If the kids in your family are fa... More »


Safe as Lightning — moving and tough to categorize


    Safe as Lightning, Poems by Scudder H. Parker, with illustrations by Adelaide Tyrol.  Rootstock Publishing, 115 pages, $15.95 in paperback.   Reviewed by Chris Braithwaite Scudder Parker’s poems are as difficult to categorize as the man himself.  I’ve had ... More »

Poetry informed by the unique perspective of an EMT


copyright the Chronicle April 12, 2017   Reviewed by Tena Starr    A Life Lived Backwards, by Mark Creaven. Paperback. 76 pages. Available on Amazon.com, $9.99.   Longtime West Glover resident Mark Creaven has been, among many other things, an EMT, a job that,... More »

Review: Our Revolution


Our Revolution, by Bernie Sanders. Published by Thomas Dunne Books — St. Martin’s Press, New York City, 2016.  450 pages. Hardcover. $27.   Reviewed by Joseph Gresser   Senator Bernie Sanders’ new book clearly was written in expectation of a different reality ... More »

Unprepared warns of the coming storm


We are Unprepared, by Meg Little Reilly. Published by Mira. Paperback. 353 pages. $15.99. Reviewed by Tena Starr It’s sometime around the present, and youngish, fairly prosperous hipsters Ash and Pia have recently moved to the Northeast Kingdom from Brooklyn. ... More »

The silver woman tells her story


Argyria: The Life and Adventures of a Silver Woman on Planet Earth, by Rosemary Jacobs. E-book. $6. reviewed by Brad Usatch In Argyria, Long Island native and longtime Orleans County resident Rosemary Jacobs chronicles more than five decades of struggle with a... More »

Book review: Flypaper Dreams


Flypaper Dreams, by Jay Kendall. 165 pages. Paperback. $13.95 Reviewed by Tena Starr There are both pros and cons involved in self-publishing a book. The pros are that it’s difficult to get a book, even a very good one, published these days through traditional... More »

An energetic and updated performance of Annie Get Your Gun


copyright the Chronicle August 3, 2016 by Joseph Gresser Annie Get Your Gun is an early product of the golden age of American musical theater. It was first staged in 1946, just a few years after Rogers and Hammerstein’s Oklahoma, which kicked off an era of mus... More »