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Albany’s living classroom


by Kenzie Strange ALBANY — Contagious laughter filled the air as a reporter walked into Danielle Palace’s first and second grade classroom at the Albany Community School, there to report on a life-size papier-mâché robot the ... More »


Eclipse leaves businesses sunny


 by Matthew Wilson The recent eclipse has come and gone, but business owners are still looking back at the event.  A swell of revenue came along with the surge of visitors who came to view the rare sight. It may be a while be... More »


Police kick in door, arrest abuse suspect


by Joseph Gresser NEWPORT — Newport police said they had to kick in the door of West Main Street home to arrest a man later charged with domestic assault.  According to the affidavit from Newport City Police Patrolman Nichola... More »


Newport Center fire ignites itself


by Matthew Wilson NEWPORT CENTER — Melting and warm sunny days leave the ground between dry and wet conditions.  This can lead to the rare occasion of spontaneous combustion such as the one on April 10 that required the Newpo... More »

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the Chronicle turns 50!


Notes from a newbie by Joseph Gresser I wake up every morning surprised and pleased to remember that I am the editor of the Chronicle.  I’ve been here for a while now, but when I look around at my wonderful colleagues, I see people who have worked here for decades more. Over the years I’ve... More »