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Monsters in the Kingdom draws enormous turnout


copyright the Chronicle June 13, 2018 by Briana Bocelli BARTON — Wheelies were poppin’, trucks were soarin’, and dust was flyin’ at the Orleans County Fairgrounds Saturday at the Monsters in the Kingdom monster truck event pr... More »

Cole pleads guilty to manslaughter in 2016 fatal crash


copyright the Chronicle June 13, 2018 NEWPORT — Joshua Cole was facing a jury trial scheduled to start June 27. He’d been charged with, and pled innocent to, two charges of manslaughter, driving under the influence (DUI) with a resulting fatality, grossly negligent driving resulting in a serious injury, and grossly negligent driving resulting in a fatality. That trial was canceled on May 18 when J... More »


Baseball Rangers make history


copyright the Chronicle June 13, 2018 BURLINGTON — Just before the start of Saturday’s Division Two state championship baseball game two gray-headed men, a grandfather and a veteran teacher, were sharing their wisdom about hi... More »

Time may be running out for Holland school


copyright the Chronicle June 13, 2018 HOLLAND — The 45 people gathered at the Holland Elementary School gym Monday evening were a study in pain when Holland School Board Chair Lincoln Petell asked them, by show of hands, to weigh in on the fate of the school. By the end of a special meeting, originally called to discuss whether or not to close the school, voters heard how state action has limited ... More »

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What changed?


I remember the day of the Columbine shootings where two teens killed 13 people and wounded nearly two dozen others at the Colorado high school before turning their guns on themselves. What I remember most clearly is the shock. I couldn’t immediately process what I was hearing on TV news. I... More »

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