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VEC members hear from new CEO at annual meeting


by Joseph Gresser JAY PEAK — About 200 members of the Vermont Electric Cooperative (VEC) took the opportunity Saturday to get a free breakfast and meet the utility’s new CEO, Rebecca Towne, at the co-op’s annual meeting.  Ms. Towne, was hired last year after Christine Hallquist, her predecessor, left to run for governor. …To read the rest of this article, and all the Chronicle‘s stories, subscribe... More »

Customs makes it easier for boaters to come to Newport


by Joseph Gresser NEWPORT — Boaters on Lake Memphremagog who seek entry into U.S. waters have long had to wait up to a half hour while Customs agents took information by phone and typed into their computers.  Soon they will be able to transmit copies of their travel documents via a cell phone app and receive a yes, no, or maybe within six to eight minutes. …To read the rest of this article, and al... More »

Pete’s pot pickle


by Joseph Gresser CRAFTSBURY — Pete Johnson, the eponymous founder of Pete’s Greens wanted to learn about growing hemp last year.  He wasn’t expecting the lessons the experience taught him. His biggest surprise came only a couple of weeks ago when he first learned the crop he tended over the summer was not hemp, but very high potency marijuana. …To read the rest of this article, and all the Chroni... More »

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Sneaking In the Seat Belt Mandate


John McClaughry The Vermont House is, for the seventh time over 37 years, trying to enact a primary seat belt law for over-18 drivers.  Worse yet, this time its backers are trying to slip their cherished bill through where it won’t be noticed. Fortunately, it’s been noticed.  Here in Q&A f... More »

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