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WEBs Eric and Peggy

Eric and Peggy Stevens at their daughter Samantha’s wedding in 2015. Mr. Stevens legally ended his own life when he felt the progress of a fatal disease left him no better option.   Photo courtesy of Peggy Stevens

WEBs nc-lr girls soccer save

North Country's Addison Cook comes out of the goal to make a save late in overtime Tuesday as Lake Region midfielder Alexis Smith (6) looks for her chance. NCU prevailed 2-1 in overtime.   Photo by Joseph Gresser

WEBs shrinedom raized on radio

Lyndonville based Raized on Radio pictured above teamed up with another Vermont band, Mindtrap, to improvise a show after the headliners abandoned Shrinedom for lack of payment.   Photo courtesy of Raized on Radio

WEBs stolen apple trees

A hard-working thief, or thieves, dug up two of Randolph Cross’ best producing apple trees and made off with them last week. His little orchard is on Route 16 just north of Glover Village.   Photo by Tena Starr


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