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Mayor bids farewell to political life


  by Trisha Ingalls NEWPORT — Newport Mayor Paul Monette announced recently without any fanfare that he would not be seeking re-election come Town Meeting Day. During an interview with the Chronicle, Mr. Monette explained why... More »


Lighting the world with crafty magic


  by Leanne Harple Some of the world’s oldest and most powerful magic can be conjured through the gathering of singers and the weaving of threads, according to Maria Schumann, a local practitioner of ancient rituals.  Ms. Sch... More »


Citizens criticize city budget process


  by Trisha Ingalls NEWPORT — Contention between Newport City residents and council members and city staff lasted the entirety of the three-hour meeting here Monday night.  After its November 21 meeting, Newport resident Jenn... More »

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Vermont couple are blown off course


    by Tena Starr Maybe it’s because I grew up on the Missisquoi, which routinely flooded fields on our farm, the road and bridge as well, so we were sometimes stranded with the road under water on both sides.  Maybe it was because Dad didn’t seem particularly distressed by the f... More »