Coventry water district working towards arsenic fix

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copyright the Chronicle June 14, 201


by Elizabeth Trail


COVENTRY — Last fall, water customers in Coventry Village and some surrounding areas were warned not to drink their tap water because arsenic levels had gone over 10 parts per billion.

On Tuesday night, 16 people came to the annual meeting of the Coventry Fire District #1 to find out what’s happened since then.

The fire district — which has nothing to do with putting out fires — operates the town’s public water supply. It serves about 60 homes, public buildings, and the Coventry Village School.

“I think what’s on everybody’s mind is the arsenic situation and what we’re doing,” Jeanne Desrochers said.

Ms. Desrochers is a member of the fire district’s Prudential Committee, which is roughly the same as a board of directors.

She’s been the point person through the fire district’s arsenic troubles, working directly with state officials.

“In September we got a notice that we had exceeded our arsenic levels,” she said.

Arsenic is a naturally occurring substance, town residents learned at a public information meeting last November. Water flowing underground picks up arsenic from surrounding rocks.

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