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School funding a priority for legislators


copyright the Chronicle January 17, 2018   Just two weeks into the 2018 legislative session, Governor Phil Scott has given his State of the State speech, but this year’s budget address isn’t scheduled for another week. Behind the scenes, analysts are waiting t... More »

Barton, Orleans fire departments plan merger


copyright the Chronicle January 10, 2018   BARTON — Plans are moving ahead for combining the Barton and Orleans fire departments into a single, more efficient unit. Orleans Administrator John Morley and fire chiefs Kevin Tartaglio and E.J. Rowell came to Monda... More »

Driver okay after run-in with train


copyright the Chronicle December 20, 2017   by Elizabeth Trail   BARTON — Pete Cocoros can’t remember exactly what happened Monday afternoon when his car was hit by a train at the crossing in front of the E.M. Brown and Son hardware store here. “It was a night... More »

FBI sends letters to Coventry taxpayers


copyright the Chronicle December 13, 2017   by Elizabeth Trail   COVENTRY — Property owners who didn’t answer letters from forensic accountant Jeff Graham asking for information about their tax payments will be getting another letter in the mail. This time the... More »

Lowell faces lawsuit over closed bridge


copyright the Chronicle December 13, 2017   by Elizabeth Trail   LOWELL — Arlon Warner and Scott Tallman are suing the town of Lowell over closing the Kempton Hill bridge. The Orleans County Sheriff served a summons at the town offices on November 27. The town... More »

Old Stone House welcomes a new generation


copyright the Chronicle December 6, 2017   by Elizabeth Trail   BROWNINGTON — Molly Veysey started her new job as director of the Old Stone House Museum on December 1. So did Finance Manager Walter Parenteau. Both are 36 years old. Add in administrative assist... More »

IRS lien on Derby Line Ambulance


copyright the Chronicle November 29, 2017   by Elizabeth Trail   DERBY — The select board here won’t be sending any more money to Derby Line Ambulance until it gets answers about a $151,110 tax lien the IRS slapped on the ambulance service at the end of Septem... More »

Life is short, eat more pie


copyright the Chronicle November 22, 2017   by Elizabeth Trail   WEST GLOVER — Peter Gould is a small man with crinkly eyes and a quiet smile that lit up the shadowy nighttime interior of the West Glover Community Church Friday night. He was there to read from... More »

Barton junk ordinance to be enforced


copyright the Chronicle November 15, 2017   by Elizabeth Trail   BARTON — A long-dormant junk ordinance is about to be enforced village-wide for the first time since it was adopted in February of 2006. At their regular meeting Monday night, the trustees voted ... More »

Live green, die green, leave a green corpse


copyright the Chronicle November 1, 2017 by Elizabeth Trail   CRAFTSBURY COMMON — To an ecologist, death isn’t the end, Carl Anderson says. It’s really more like the middle. Each of our bodies, the biologist and green burial advocate says, is rich with the bui... More »