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Here are just a few of the photos from the March 22 edition of the Chronicle. See below for our top stories. For all our stories, subscribe for print or online

WEBs bernie meeting

Senator Bernie Sanders listens to an audience question at a meeting held in St. Johnsbury on March 16.   Photo by Joseph Gresser

WEBs history equality

North Country Union High School ninth-grader Jazmyne Leach, pictured, and research partner Christina Young compared gender equality in four countries around in the world.   Photo by Elizabeth Trail

WEBs poetry klar

Lake Region student Emily Klar recently finished second overall in the statewide Poetry Out Loud competition. The event finals will be aired on PBS on Wednesday, April 5.   Photo by Peter Arthur Weyrauch

WEBs dunklee shooting cmyk

Barton native Susan Dunklee helped the U.S. Biathlon Team to a breakout year with a silver medal at the World Championships.   Photo by Erika Bailey


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