Burt Porter Obituary

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Burt Porter

Burt Porter of Glover died at the age of 83 on the morning of December 29, 2020, at the Greensboro Nursing Home.  He was comfortable and his usual cheerful, congenial self until the end.

He loved his life as an entertainer, musician, poet, teacher, and father figure.  His family would like to thank everyone who gave him a chance to be that in this world.

His friends were an important part of his life.  Thank you to all of you who made his life special.

When speaking about his poetry he said:  “I put words where I think they will stay for a little while when I am gone.  I try to lock words in place like fitting stones into a stone wall.”


The Lesson


(Burt Porter)


My Death has been my counselor

For many and many a year;

He always gives me good advice

And makes my choices clear.


He often tells me life is short

Therefore I should live well

And get the most from every day

Before the final knell.


He sweeps away small issues

That clutter and conceal

What matters and what doesn’t,

What’s false and what is real,


And when I ask him what’s the best

That this life has to give,

He grins a boney grin and says

“Don’t seek it out — just live.”


Burt’s family felt that during these confusing times it would be appropriate to open a Facebook page as a way for people to share their memories and feelings.  His page is listed as Burt Porter.

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