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Barton Select Board: Smell from Orleans barn kicks up stink

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by Joseph Gresser

BARTON — Concerns about odors coming from animals at the old Orleans Commission Sales barn last year kicked up a stink at the Barton Select Board’s April 15 meeting.

By Monday, Barton Health Officer Joyce Croteau, who said she investigated the complaints and found no health issue, had resigned, and the select board had set a special meeting for Thursday to choose her replacement.

Orleans Village Administrator John Morley was at the April 15 meeting.

Last September he sought and got the select board’s approval for an application to the state for a Department of Housing and Community Development planning grant.

Villages aren’t eligible to apply for those grants, so any request for planning money had to come from the town. At the time, Mr. Morley said the village was seeking $22,000 to pay a planner…


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