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Here are just a few of the photos from the January 18 edition of the Chronicle. See below for our top stories. For all our stories, subscribe for print or online

WEBs Derby vet

Kim O'Connor, a native of the Savannah, Georgia, area, is the new owner of Derby Pond Animal Hospital in Derby.   Photo by Elizabeth Trail

WEBs drift dusters rescue

On January 9, Roger Gosselin and Michael Koehler of the Drift Dusters Snowmobile Club aided a driver who suffered a medical event in Derby until rescue crews arrived.   Photo courtesy of Roger Gosselin

WEBs grade school composting

From left to right, Aryn Steinberg, Nicole LaFratta, Cole Alexander, and Grant LaClair of Glover Community School prepare the new worm bin that will be used for composting.   Photo courtesy of GMFTS

WEBs havana restored

A restored section in Old Havana, where streets and alleys flow into a square like spokes in a wheel leading to a hub.   Photo by Paul Lefebvre


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