70-year-olds can sign up for vaccinations starting February 16

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Vermonters who are 70 or older will be able to register to get vaccinated against COVID-19 starting at 8:30 a.m. Tuesday, February 16.  Human Services Secretary Mike Smith announced the move at Governor Phil Scott’s press briefing on February 12.

He said people can register online at, or call 855-722-7878.  While people younger than 75 years of age will not be able to make a vaccination appointment until Tuesday, they can create the account required to do so any time, Secretary Smith said.

Although the inoculation program is opening up to a younger slice of the population, people who are older can still sign up to get the vaccine.

Mr. Smith said people who contact the state to make an appointment should have insurance information at hand, although no one is required to provide that information or even to have health coverage.  Applicants will be asked their name, address, telephone number, and email address.

For those on the fence about getting the shots, Health Commissioner Mark Levine offered a bit of an incentive.  Those who have had both shots and waited for two weeks after getting a second dose need not quarantine if they encounter someone with COVID-19.

Dr. Levine said he was quoting the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).  At present, the CDC says its guidance is good for only 90 days after the second shot.  It’s possible the safe period may be extended as researchers see how well the vaccines work over time.


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