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Montpelier, VT – Recently, the Vermont House passed S.209, a critical bill aimed at curbing the growth of unserialized firearms, also known as “ghost guns” in Vermont communities. The initial triartisan vote of 110-31 underscores the urgency and consensus surrounding the need for legislative action on this pressing issue.

S.209 represents a crucial step forward in safeguarding communities against the rising threat of untraceable homemade firearms. With the exponential increase in the sales of ghost guns, stemming from kits or 3D printing, the need for robust measures to address this public safety risk cannot be overstated.

“With this law in place, manufacturers of firearm kits will not be able to sell those products into Vermont without a serial number already imprinted on the relevant parts. This step will go a long way toward preventing prohibited persons from obtaining a firearm. The list of prohibited persons includes those who have been convicted of domestic violence and other violent crimes,” remarked Rep. Angela Arsenault, reporter of the bill from the House Committee on Judiciary, “which makes S.209 an important public safety measure.”

The rapid increase of ghost guns poses a serious challenge to law enforcement officers, as these firearms lack serial numbers, making them virtually untraceable. This impedes investigations into gun-related crimes and compromises the safety of communities across the state.

“We are always working to keep up with the changing times and keep Vermonters and communities across Vermont safe,” said House Speaker Jill Korwinski. “Having firearms without serial numbers adds no benefit to Vermont and in fact impinges on Vermont’s long history of responsible firearm ownership. I thank the House Judiciary for their work on this important legislation, and it clearly is critical for many legislators as can be seen in its support across party lines.” 

The passage of S.209 reflects a bipartisan consensus on the need to address loopholes that enable the unchecked growth of unserialized firearms. By requiring background checks and serial numbers for all firearms, Vermont reaffirms its commitment to promoting community safety and preventing gun violence.

For more information on S.209, please visit the legislative website.

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