Singing — one way to brighten a long winter

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copyright the Chronicle February 21, 2018

EAST CRAFTSBURY — A new family chorus in the southern part of Orleans County isn’t what an outsider might expect. There’s no sheet music, no lines of people standing on risers, no hushes or admonitions for restless children.

As sunlight streamed through the stained glass windows of the East Craftsbury Presbyterian Church on Saturday afternoon, a circle of singers — ranging in age from a mostly silent six-month-old to grandmothers and empty nesters — played musical games, danced, and moved around the room. All the while they were learning complicated rounds and harmonies.

It was only the second time the chorus had met, but already the sound was rich, full-throated, and joyful. It was also enviably on pitch as the singers followed Plainfield singing teacher Heidi Wilson’s “magic finger” up and down through the air.


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