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Remembering Merle Young

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Editor’s note:

The following article was published in the Chronicle on January 30, 2013.  We reprint it in memory of Mr. Young who died on January 17.

Got a problem in West Glover?  Talk to “The Mayor”

by Tena Starr

WEST GLOVER — They call him the mayor of West Glover, population somewhere around 75.  It’s a title that Merle Young Sr. actually gave himself back in the late sixties when West Glover ceased being a separate entity and became, at least legally, part of Glover.

“It’s just an honorary thing I bestowed on myself,” Mr. Young said during a recent interview at his house, which is high on a hill overlooking the tiny village he “rules.”

He doesn’t have any official duties since West Glover doesn’t have its own government anymore — and never did have a mayor — but he has plenty of things to do.

For instance, he informs newcomers that, if they have any problems, practical or political, they should take them to the mayor — himself.  It’s a suggestion guaranteed (and likely meant) to startle them, since no place the size of West Glover really has a mayor.

When Governor Peter Shumlin showed up not long ago at Parker Pie, the village’s popular pizza restaurant, one of the people he shook hands with was the mayor.  “I told him it didn’t mean he’d get my vote,” Mr. Young said….

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