Police mystified by disturbed infant grave

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copyright the Chronicle October 5, 2016

by Tena Starr

BARTON — Police are mystified by a peculiar incident at the St. Paul’s Catholic cemetery here.

In early September, the family of an infant who died more than three decades ago visited the grave and found that it had been disturbed.

“There was dirt where there should have been grass, grass where there should have been dirt,” said Chief Deputy Phil Brooks at the Orleans County Sheriff’s Department.

The family reported the matter to St. Paul’s pastor, the Reverend Tim Naples.

Later, Father Naples and the cemetery commissioner took a look at the grave and agreed that something was odd.

Chief Deputy Brooks said they were concerned that someone had been buried there illegally, so they started digging where the earth had been disturbed.

They were digging soft gravel, and it would not have been soft gravel if the ground had been undisturbed for 34 years, the chief deputy noted.

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