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Huge turtle discovered in West Charleston

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By Tracy Davis Pierce


I spotted this amazing snapping turtle on the edge of the road yesterday afternoon. At first glimpse I thought it could be a garbage can lid. It would take a return trip by to realize that what I saw was an actual turtle! I’ve not seen any turtle this large outside of a marine aquarium, and those were tortoises!

A drive back by this morning created even more curiosity. It was still there, but was it alive? My granddaughter Kallie Buck and friend Tara Girard decided they needed to go check this out, see if it was alive, and take some measurements.

These photos below were taken by Ms. Girard as Kallie takes on the task of measuring and inspecting this amazing creature!

It is as wide as it is long, measuring 17″ each way.



It appears to have formed a symbiotic relationship with a host of leaches as seen here clung to its foot.


To give a comparative view on size, Kallie is leaning beside it.


A closeup of its head.


Tara decided the game warden should be called as there was some evidence of injury on its head. There has been some recent roadside mowing and she thought it was possible the turtle was dragged to its location.

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