Circus Smirkus season opens July 1

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Circus Smirkus opens its season at the headquarters in Greensboro on July 1, with two shows, at 1 p.m. and 6 p.m.

This year’s theme is “Topsy Turvy Time Travel:  A Blast from the Past & Fun from the Future.”  The troop is taking a trip though the ages, as performers — ages 11 to 18 — work intensely with coaches to bring the theme to life on trapeze, wire, fabric, trampoline and cradle, and with clowning, acrobatics, juggling, unicycling and more. Circus Smirkus has two directors (creative and artistic), a costume designer, a choreographer, a composer, counselors, tent crew, cooks, sound and lighting technicians, equipment riggers, concessionaires and more.

Circus Smirkus is celebrating its silver anniversary with a new book, “Circus Smirkus:  25 Years of Running Home to the Circus,” by founder Rob Mermin and journalist Rob Gurwitt.  Solar panels have been added at the Greensboro headquarters, along with improvements to lighting, concessions and recycling. The circus is launching a Capital CAMPaign to match a $1-million donation for us to build its ownb Smirkus Camp facility (details soon).

After the first shows in Greensboro, the circus packs it all up and takes it on the road.  It takes eight hours to set up the 750-seat big top, backstage and concession tents, and organize 200 costume pieces, 100 props, 70 spotlights and a mile of electrical cable.  Then the troop is ready to welcome its summer audience of 50,000 fans!

Over on the campus of Lyndon Institute in Lyndon Center, Circus Smirkus Camp already welcomed its first campers last week, with a new, one-day Intro to Smirkus session.  Smirkling Camp is starting as six-to-nine year-olds arrive for their first overnight circus adventure.

For more information or to order tickets, see: https://www.smirkus.org/

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