Highland Lodge has new owner

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copyright the Chronicle January 4, 2017


by Tena Starr


GREENSBORO — The Highland Lodge here has a new owner — Heidi Lauren Duke, an opera director from New York with close ties to Vermont, particularly to Glover where her partner, Sam Young, lives.

Ms. Duke closed on the historic inn on December 19 and was busy Monday with some of the renovations she’s planning for the place, which was in the Smith family for generations. It’s a lovely old inn on Caspian Lake with a network of cross-country ski trails. The small front office is papered in old-fashioned pale blue wallpaper, and a big sideboard exhibits photographs of the inn that go back to 1909.

The Highland Lodge has gone through several incarnations; now it’s about to go through another.

By Martin Luther King Day, at the latest, it will have a full-service bar that will offer drinks and appetizer type food. Its winter cabins are open again this year. And Ms. Duke plans to offer entertainment in the form of live music and art exhibits to start with.

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