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West Glover solar array completed

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The town of Glover and the Glover Energy Committee are pleased to announce that the solar array in West Glover is up and generating. It will provide 90 percent of the electricity used by town buildings, streetlights, and sewer pump stations.  Negotiations began in March 2021 with Norwich Solar Technologies of White River Junction. Construction began in September 2022 with West Glover Roaring Brook Solar, LLC, as the owner. The project was officially “commissioned,” i.e., connected to the grid, on November 29.

The town of Glover will purchase the electricity generated by the project at a discount of 11.5 percent below the Vermont Electric Co-op rate. During its anticipated 25-year lifetime, this array is expected to produce 2 million kilowatt hours of electricity with an initial anticipated savings for the town of Glover of $1,600 per year and up to $52,000 over the life of the project.

The project is located behind the Glover ambulance bay in West Glover Village, on the site of the retired village leach field, out of use since the village was connected to the Glover Village sewer system in 2009.

The Glover Energy Committee recently received a $4,000 grant, through the Vermont Council on Rural Development Climate Catalysts Innovation Fund grant program, to purchase two e-bikes, which will be loaned out from the Glover library.

Library patrons will be able to borrow the bikes and experience the advantages of an electric assisted bicycle without having to purchase or rent one. The bikes will be available in the spring of 2023. Anyone interested in helping with this project, please contact the Glover energy committee by email at: [email protected]. — from the Glover Energy Committee.


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