Vermont Dept of Public Safety: Important safety reminders during this Winter Storm

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WATERBURY – The National Weather Service has issued a Winter Storm Warning for all of Vermont from 4pm on Wednesday until 7pm on Thursday.  Most areas of the state are likely to see 6 to 10-inches of snow with southern counties and other isolated areas expected to receive more than a foot.

Travel will be impacted during the storm and power outages are possible.  During a significant snow event, it is important to take steps to avoid health hazards, especially carbon monoxide poisoning. Carbon monoxide (CO) is an odorless, colorless gas that can cause flu-like illness or death. Symptoms of CO poisoning include nausea, headache, and dizziness. If you feel these symptoms, leave the home and call for help.

Important safety reminders:

  • Check on neighbors, especially those who are elderly or who may otherwise need special assistance.  Be sure their heating vents are clear of snow, and during a prolonged weather event that they have heat, electricity and any needed medical supplies.
  • Clear all heating vents of snow.  Deep snow can create carbon monoxide hazards by blocking heat and exhaust vents.  Clear all heating vents of snow.  Even in areas of lesser accumulation winds could create a snow drift on the side of the home and block vents.  With no way to vent, CO will drift back into the home.
  • Always have working CO and smoke detectors in your home and in all living areas.
  • Never use a generator indoors – only operate generators outside away from the home.  Even if operated outside CO can drift back into the home through an open window, door, or vent.
  • Take it easy while shoveling, take frequent breaks.  Overexertion can bring on a heart attack—a major cause of death during the winter.
  • If you must travel, please remember:
    • Snow, snowdrifts, and icy spots could contribute to worsening road conditions.
    • Slow down, allow extra stopping distance and give plow trucks plenty of room to work.
  • Please DO NOT call emergency dispatch or 911 to determine road or traffic conditions.  Call 911 only if you have an emergency.  During major weather events, dispatchers are busy handling emergency calls and supporting first responders.  Please visit, or for road information.  You can also get road, weather, and other alerts sent to you through Vermont alert:
  • Stay away from downed power lines – call 911 if you see a downed line and report outages to your utility.

Information and safety resources:

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