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Snowman Competition

the Chronicle Snowman Competition – VOTING NOW OPEN

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We asked for pictures of snowmen to be sent in and you delivered! We have twenty-three submissions for you to vote on and decide which one is your favorite. In case you missed the descriptions on Facebook, here are the details on the snowmen you sent in.

Please vote for your favorite 3 photos in the COMMENT SECTION below

We will announce winners here and in next week’s Chronicle!

#1 – These snowmen were sent in from Crystal and her grandson Cullin. Such creativity and relevance to the season!

#2 – Madison, age 5, and Lucie, age 2, made these snowmen with help from their Mommy and Daddy!
#3 – These snowmen from Montgomery Center were sent in. These were made by Ashton, 9, Amelia, 5, and Eloise, 2.
#4 – Snowmen protesting climate change! Design, costuming and construction by Atticus and Scarlett, with help from their mother on spelling and heavy lifting.
#5 – One of several snowmen sent in by Patti P. of West Charleston, who makes snowmen to send pictures of to her grandchildren in Virginia. She called this one the Oreo Kid.
#6 – No one said they had to be big snowmen! Look at the snowman Harper made (with Mommy’s help).
#7 – Ashley, June and Louie built these costumed snowmen!
#8 – A second entry from Patti P. Can you see a celebrity look alike here? Patti calls this her Elton John snowman!
Check out this six foot tall snowman, or “Olaf” as Karter calls him! Features include Oreo cookie eyes & buttons, animal crackers for his mouth & representing Bond-O’Reilly for his hat! This snowman was made by Karter Bacon, Caylee Bacon, Kev Bacon & Kelsey Thurston.
#10 – Patti P’s snowman which is an uncanny replica of her husband.
#11 – Brooke Kelley got very creative and submitted her snowman with a dragon in the background!
#12 – Three kiddos from Newport Center sent this snowman in for the competition. Who’s smiling more: the snowman or the kids?
#13 – Jayne sent in these snowmen, made by 3 year old Miles and Mommy. The taller snowman is “Snowman Mommy.”
#14 – Kerriyonna Tetreault, age 7, from Lowell, VT, with her snowman made with the help of papa Mike!
#15 – To celebrate Dr. Seuss’ birthday on March 2nd, Colton Kovach (Sarasota, FL) and Jonah Matte (West Burke, VT) made this snowman. It was the first snowman the visiting Floridian had ever made!
#16 – Leah and Ava, both 8 years old, sent in these snowmen for the competition. I wonder if they stayed on the sled when it went downhill?
#17 – One entry submitted by Lorelei. Her grandchildren (and black lab) made these great snowmen/pets!
#18 – Brianna Herman, age 7, and her mom built this tropical snowman dreaming of sunny days and beautiful beaches!
#19 – Mackenzie and Emma made this snowman in Coventry using the leftover fruits and veggies they didn’t want to eat!
#20 – Another entry submitted by Lorelei. Her grandchildren (and black lab) made these great snowmen/pets!
#21 – The final entry submitted by Lorelei. Her grandchildren (and black lab) made these great snowmen/pets!
#22 – This is the last entry from Patty P. This is her Cowboy Rustler snowman. A+ for creativity!
#23 – Look at this winter “Snowpy” sculpture made by Rhyker Grube with help from Mommy and Daddy, Natacia and Ross Grube.
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