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Rifle season reaps big bucks

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copyright the Chronicle November 29, 2017


With time running out on the 2017 rifle season for deer, the harvest this year is expected to mirror last year’s results.

During the 16-day rifle season of November 2016, hunters reported 7,753 deer. Preliminary reports suggest that hunters will do as well this year.

Fish and Wildlife Commissioner Louis Porter said his department didn’t offer any projections as to the results of the rifle season this year. He said Tuesday that he expects the harvest to be in line with the number of bucks taken in 2016.

The 2017 rifle season ended Sunday, but hunters have an additional 48 hours to check in their deer at reporting stations around the state. But whatever the final harvest turns out to be, those who host the reporting stations in Orleans County believe the buck are running larger than a year ago.

At Currier’s Quality Market in Glover, the number of reported deer is down. As of Tuesday, 70 had been reported compared to 81 at this time a year ago.

But owner Jeff Currier said he has been impressed with the size of the deer that have been brought in to be weighed.

The market runs a buck pool, and the hunter leading the pool as the season comes to a close is Mick Davidson of Barton with a deer that weighed 221 pounds.

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