House candidates debate in Westfield

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copyright the Chronicle October 19, 2016

by Tena Starr

A good 60 people came to the community center here Monday evening to listen to Republic incumbent Mark Higley and Democratic challenger Katherine Sims debate the issues. Mr. Higley has been the Orleans-Lamoille district’s representative since 2009. Ms. Sims challenged him in 2012 as well and lost 920-887. Following a recount, the vote was 924-892. The race is hotly contested, and both candidates are working hard for the district’s one seat.

The differences between the two were not as stark as one might expect in view of the fact that one is a progressive Democrat, the other a conservative Republican.

Neither likes Act 46 or the current siting process for renewable energy projects. The two didn’t even clash on gun control. They did differ on legalizing marijuana and their views of the most pressing issues in the district, which includes Lowell, Westfield, Jay, Eden and part of Troy.

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