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Fighting a Facebook crypto scam

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by Trisha Ingalls

NEWPORT — Marcy Miller is not selling cryptocurrency.  Since July, friends and family have been conned into believing she is, and they have been close to investing their money with the scammers who infiltrated her Facebook account.

“[The hackers] were putting up posts every day, pictures of people holding up signs saying ‘thanks to Marcy Miller I made $250,000 and paid off my debt,’” Ms. Miller told the Chronicle.  Then her friends would message her for information on how to get involved, but she had lost all access to her account and couldn’t see what was happening.

She said the hackers sent out friend requests to her friends, and doubled her friends list from where it had been.

“People seemed to believe it,” she said. Ms. Miller works at State Farm and said she thinks people who only knew her a little would get a friend request and accept it, because it looked real.

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