Coventry audit report will go to law enforcement

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copyright the Chronicle December 14, 2016

by Elizabeth Trail


COVENTRY — Copies of Graham & Graham’s long-awaited forensic report were handed around the room at Monday night’s select board meeting here.

The report covered not only the town money that’s believed to be missing, but also detailed 14 months of efforts by Town Clerk, Treasurer, and Delinquent Tax Collector Cynthia Diaz to keep the auditors from getting the documents they needed to do their jobs.

Because of those efforts to thwart the auditor, Ms. Diaz is ineligible to run for town office again, the report says.

This week, copies of the report will be forwarded to law enforcement and to the Vermont League of Cities and Towns, which insures Coventry against financial loss.

“We have personally witnessed, and discussed with others who witnessed at various times, the removal of town documents, records, files, computer thumb drives, vendor invoices, etc. by Cynthia Diaz,” the report says. “Upon discussion with Ms. Diaz, we believe she removed these items to one of the following locations: her residence, her residence/rental house, storage, lawyer’s office, and other unspecified locations.”

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