Chronicle History

Chronicle History

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Each week we will feature headlines and a little bit of the stories published 5, 10, 15, 20 years ago.

History April 3, 2019

Chronicle history

20 years ago

Milk price lower than last year

The milk price paid to farmers rallied a bit in March, but remained far below its recent historic highs, and well below its level of one year ago.

The basic formula price (BFP) of milk rose $1.35 per hundred pounds from February to $11.62 (about $1 a gallon) in March.  In March last year the BFP was $12.81.  In December the BFP peaked at $17.34.

15 Years Ago

Barton Selectmen

New pavement due on Maple Hill Road

by Steve Blake

BARTON – The town selectmen here voted Monday night to hire Gorman Brothers, a paving company from Albany, New York, to pave 4,362 feet of Maple Hill Road.  The company’s bid price was $98,509 for four inches of cold mix.

Gorman Brothers was in competition with Pike Paving, which offered to lay three inches of hot mix pavement on 4,000 feet of the road for $77,341.

The prices include reclaiming the old pavement currently on the road.

10 years ago

Border Patrol plans major expansion

by Joseph Gresser

DERBY — The local branch of the U.S. Border Patrol has construction on its mind.  More agents have been hired to patrol the frontier with Canada, and they need office space and room for equipment.

As a result, officials at the post on Citizens Road here hope to break ground in the near future for a 13,325-square-foot station complete with an adjoining 14,833-square-foot parking garage.  Included in the plans are a 144-square-foot shed, a 60-foot radio tower, and helipad, all surrounded by an eight-foot security fence.

5 years ago

Jay Stateside construction postponed

by Joseph Gresser

JAY — Construction on a new group of residences on the Stateside of Jay Peak Resort was slated to begin this spring.  The start of the project has now been put off until fall, said Jay Peak President Bill Stenger Friday.  In a telephone interview, Mr. Stenger said the delay in building about 84 units in a cottage and townhouse development, is meant to give time for the resort to prepare the ground for the absorption of 500 to 600 new beds.

The money for the project is in hand, he said, but it makes no sense for the resort to build the units and then seek customers.  Plans call for using the spring and summer to build up demand for the units, Mr. Stenger said.

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