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Community weighs in on Trump presidency

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copyright the Chronicle May 3, 2017


Editor’s note: Our staff interviewed people throughout Orleans County over the past week about their views on President Trump’s first 100 days in office.

For the most part, Republicans, while not always unconditional in their support, give the new President the benefit of the doubt. Not surprisingly, Democrats are less generous. We heard some unexpected, and unexpectedly thoughtful, views on the new President’s early days in office.  


John Wilson, president of the Newport City Council: “He’s doing pretty well considering that half the country doesn’t support him. This country is so polarized.”

Charlotte Bernarde, Newport: “If I talk about him, I end up mad. Or depressed. Luckily, he isn’t really getting all that much done. He mostly just talks about what he’s going to do. Or rather, Tweets.

“I mean really, what do people who voted for him think? He wants to take away health care that we finally got. And his tax reform is cutting the corporate tax rate? Sorry, but people got conned by a con artist. And we all have to live with it.

“I guess what I focus on is that people are fighting back. I think it’s going to make us stronger in the end.

“I’m taking bets on him resigning before the end of his term because, first, he really didn’t want to be president and didn’t get how hard it was going to be, and two, the heat will get too hot for him on taxes and Russia as long as pressure stays on. Or he’ll get impeached.

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