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Cavan Meese sheds light on theater life

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by Leanne Harple

Cavan Meese is a Northeast Kingdom artist who has made a lifestyle out of manifesting his own destiny.  Despite the limitations of growing up in a small town, his talents as a visual designer in theater and music have taken him all over the world, to huge music festivals, major international cities, and on tour with world-famous rockstars.

He remembers as a young theater arts student learning about the business side of the field, and the value of being able to market oneself.  He took that advice to heart, and has spent the last two decades actively seeking out opportunities for collaboration among artists and producers that he knows, announcing his availability, and smoothly weaving his way from one creative project to the next.

Even with all the glamour and excitement though, he has always found his way home to Glover, Vermont.

Mr. Meese is the lighting designer for Listen Up, the new teen musical produced by Bess O’Brien, of Kingdom County Productions

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