Brownington votes to keep the three-person select board

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copyright the Chronicle May 4, 2016

by Elizabeth Trail 

BROWNINGTON — Voters here have once again decided that they want a three-member select board. They voted 39-37 at a special meeting Saturday in favor of the smaller board.

At Town Meeting in early March, Brownington voters decided to go back to having a three-person select board. At the previous year’s Town Meeting, they had voted to increase the number of select board members from three to five.

The problem with the vote at Town Meeting this year was that some spoiled and blank ballots may have made it invalid, Moderator Pat Davis said.

So on Saturday Brownington residents poured into the school gym to vote on the question one more time.

The warning was in two parts: Should the town reconsider the Town Meeting decision, which in effect meant going back to a five-person select board, and if so, to elect two new members for the board?

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