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Wet snow leaves state in the dark

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by Matthew Wilson

The first round of heavy winter weather wreaked havoc for utility and service providers in the wee hours of Monday morning.  Due to the conditions of the snowfall, the power across much of the region went out for most of the day.  Even with every hand available to the power company working to resolve the outages, some members were forced to make due until Tuesday morning as they survived through the night.

Andrea Cohen, manager of member relations for the Vermont Electric Cooperative (VEC), said that over 10,000 members were without power on Monday morning.  She herself was even without power for most of the day, her own residence experiencing an outage.

Other utilities, including Barton Electric, the Washington Electric Cooperative (WEC) which serves Walden and Stannard, and Hardwick Electric, which serves much of Greensboro, reported similar outages.  Their crews were kept busy well into Monday night….

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