An update from Puerto Rico

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copyright the Chronicle October 4, 2017


by Stephan Cantor


Early Tuesday morning I was checking my Facebook feed, as I have done every morning since Hurricane Maria crashed into Puerto Rico. Every morning I have searched for news of friends and loved ones, looking for any mention of people and places that are important to me. By Tuesday, two full weeks after the storm left thousands of people in Puerto Rico homeless and nearly all of them unable to communicate by phone, I still had heard nothing about several friends who live in southwest Puerto Rico, far from the capital San Juan.

And then, there it was, tucked among the baby pictures and political diatribes, a random Facebook post from another Puerto Rican friend, saying that our friends in the Southwest were safe and sound. “Están bién,” she posted. They are well. I breathed a deep sigh of relief.

Of course, “they are well” is a relative statement.

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