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Dollar General penalized for scanner violations


copyright the Chronicle June 21, 201   by Tena Starr   The Vermont Agency of Agriculture has penalized Dollar General in the amount of more than $210,000 for 47 separate price scanner violations since 2013, including $24,000 in penalties this year. “Agency ins... More »

Pet thieves posing as “humane officers?”


copyright the Chronicle June 21, 201   by Tena Starr   The owners of two dogs in Albany believe the animals were stolen last week by someone posing as a representative of P.E.T.S of the Kingdom, a nonprofit that checks on animal welfare. Ronald Mason said his ... More »

Study examines how maple trees fare tapping


copyright the Chronicle June 14, 2017   by Tena Starr   The Proctor Maple Research Center in Underhill has launched a first-of-its kind study. It’s looking at the long-term effects of tapping a maple tree. Like others, Derby sugarmaker Steve Wheeler said he wa... More »

Former Candlepin has new owners


copyright the Chronicle June 7, 2017   by Tena Starr   BARTON — The former Candlepin restaurant, long empty, has been sold to Matthew Wright and Cassy Moulton of Derby. The couple does not currently plan to turn the property back into the full-service restaura... More »

LRUHS — A very good school has a very good year


copyright the Chronicle June 7, 2017   by Tena Starr   Lake Region Union High School Principal Andre Messier had nothing but good to say about this year’s graduating class at the school’s annual awards night last Thursday. Awards night recognizes students in a... More »

Keeping our food safe was Sutton man’s career


copyright the Chronicle May 31, 2017   by Tena Starr   This country frets about terrorism a lot. But one of its more potentially effective, if less splashy, forms — attacking the food supply — has occurred with surprising infrequency. Hank Parker, an agroterro... More »

ASPIRE! awards boost female entrepreneurs


copyright the Chronicle May 17, 2017   by Tena Starr   Several years ago, Hanna Broer, who has loved sewing since she was a young teenager, decided to make herself some underwear. She liked how it turned out, as did others, and that was the start of Hanna Broe... More »

Effort underway to bring ball fields back to fairgrounds


copyright the Chronicle April 26, 2017     by Tena Starr   BARTON — Some may not remember when there were fierce competitions at the ball fields at the Orleans County Fairgrounds, or knew there were ball fields there at all. But years ago, they were busy place... More »

Poetry informed by the unique perspective of an EMT


copyright the Chronicle April 12, 2017   Reviewed by Tena Starr    A Life Lived Backwards, by Mark Creaven. Paperback. 76 pages. Available on Amazon.com, $9.99.   Longtime West Glover resident Mark Creaven has been, among many other things, an EMT, a job that,... More »

ATVs — pest or new economic driver?


copyright the Chronicle March 22, 2017   by Tena Starr   When a group of ATV enthusiasts went before the Westmore Select board recently to ask that some town roads be opened to them, they touted the usual arguments, the main one being that allowing people who ... More »

Newark woman camped out at Standing Rock


copyright the Chronicle February 8, 2017     by Tena Starr   The commercial wind projects on the Northeast Kingdom’s ridgelines provided the inspiration for 19-year-old Sophia Burnham’s long stint with the pipeline protestors near Standing Rock Reservation in ... More »

Governor’s freeze gets a cold shoulder


copyright the Chronicle February 1, 2017   by Tena Starr   Governor Phil Scott’s plan for education, delivered last week as part of his budget address, hasn’t met with enthusiasm in Orleans County. The plan calls for a freeze on school budgets, and in order to... More »