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Fire destroys landmark barn in Barton


copyright the Chronicle October 11, 2017   by Tena Starr   BARTON — State Police are looking for information about the Monday afternoon fire that burned the landmark barn known as The Pines to the ground. Firefighters poured a steady stream of water on the far... More »

Where have all the colors gone?


copyright the Chronicle October 4, 2017   by Tena Starr   State officials and others are still hoping for good fall foliage color, but at the moment Vermont’s famous fall color isn’t too colorful. In many places, it’s still largely green, and some trees have s... More »

State seeks ways to boost rural economy


copyright the Chronicle October 4, 2017   by Tena Starr   BARTON — Bleak as the picture for dairy so often is in Vermont, it’s the decline of the state’s forestry industry that people wanted to talk about Tuesday at a Senate Agriculture Committee hearing on fa... More »

Orchard owner searching for stolen apple trees


copyright the Chronicle September 20, 2017   by Tena Starr   BARTON — Randolph Cross of West Glover is looking for information about who stole two of his best apple trees. Mr. Cross, who lives on Parker Pond, also owns property on Route 16 in Barton, just nort... More »

Lawsuit alleges voter fraud in Victory


copyright the Chronicle August 23, 2017    by Tena Starr   VICTORY — In a town the size of Victory, whose population is about the size of a big extended family, a small number of votes can make a very big difference in a local election. In fact, former Victory... More »

Beware of fake eclipse viewing glasses


copyright the Chronicle August 16, 2017    by Tena Starr   Northeast Vision Center in Newport recently bought 100 pairs of special glasses to hand out to patients so they could safely watch the August 21 solar eclipse. They intended the glasses to be a gesture... More »

Bleak outlook for forestry industry


copyright the Chronicle August 2, 2017   by Tena Starr   Nearly 50 years ago, a few weeks out of high school, Ken Davis had a tiff with his farmer father that set him on a new career course. Instead of a farmer, he became a logger. And for nearly half a centur... More »

Non-stop rain taking its toll on farmers


copyright the Chronicle July 19, 201   by Tena Starr   Farmers, who have been accused of complaining about the weather even more than most Vermonters, have good reason this year. It’s rained, and it’s rained some more, making it nearly impossible to get in dry... More »

Justice Deptartment asked to look at legality of Act 46


copyright the Chronicle July 19, 2017   by Tena Starr   Two former school board members from Franklin County have asked the federal Department of Justice to investigate the legality of Act 46, the Vermont law that requires school districts to consolidate. Jay ... More »

Peggy Day Gibson steps aside at the Old Stone House Museum


copyright the Chronicle July 12, 201   by Tena Starr   BROWNINGTON — For the past ten years or so Peggy Day Gibson has turned her capable and enthusiastic hand to transforming the picturesque Brownington neighborhood that’s home to the Old Stone Museum into vi... More »

Maple production nears historic levels


copyright the Chronicle June 28, 201   by Tena Starr   Although maple sugaring in Vermont has grown at a startling rate in the past decade, it still hasn’t reached pre1935 levels, at least in terms of the number of trees tapped. That’s according to the U.S. De... More »