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Coventry voters grill selectmen


copyright the Chronicle February 22, 2017   by Elizabeth Trail   COVENTRY — Early on a Saturday morning seems like an unlikely time to draw a crowd for an informational meeting with the select board. But close to 30 people showed up at the community center her... More »

Coventry Selectmen will air town’s problems


copyright the Chronicle February 15, 2017   by Elizabeth Trail   COVENTRY — The selectmen here are planning a series of public meetings over the next three weeks to talk with town voters about their problems with Town Clerk and Treasurer Cynthia Diaz, and thei... More »

Diaz pleads the Fifth, then testifies


copyright the Chronicle February 1, 2017   by Elizabeth Trail   NEWPORT — Immediately after she took the witness stand in Orleans County Superior Court on Monday, Cynthia Diaz invoked the Fifth Amendment. “Hadn’t you better hear the questions first?” Judge How... More »

Diaz ignores order to hand over documents and cash


copyright the Chronicle January 4, 2017   by Elizabeth Trail   NEWPORT — Last Friday’s court-imposed deadline has come and gone, and so far Coventry Town Clerk and Treasurer Cynthia Diaz hasn’t turned over town documents that the select board and auditor Jeff ... More »

Town of Coventry files civil complaint against Diaz


copyright the Chronicle December 21, 2016   by Elizabeth Trail   COVENTRY — Attorney Paul Gillies has filed a civil complaint on the town’s behalf against Town Clerk, Treasurer and Delinquent Tax Collector Cynthia Diaz, based on the forensic audit report relea... More »

Coventry audit report will go to law enforcement


copyright the Chronicle December 14, 2016 by Elizabeth Trail   COVENTRY — Copies of Graham & Graham’s long-awaited forensic report were handed around the room at Monday night’s select board meeting here. The report covered not only the town money that’s believ... More »

Diaz to bill town for delinquent tax collector’s fee


copyright the Chronicle November 16, 2016   by Elizabeth Trail COVENTRY — There was largely stunned silence around the room Monday night when the select board read aloud part of a note from delinquent tax collector Cynthia Diaz. The note said that Ms. Diaz pla... More »

Cash tax payments definitely missing in Coventry


copyright the Chronicle November 2, 2016   by Elizabeth Trail COVENTRY — A Coventry resident who prides himself on being the first person to get his taxes paid every year also became the first person to prove he made cash tax payments that never made it to the... More »

News from around the county


copyright the Chronicle November 2, 2016 by Elizabeth Trail Coventry finds arsenic in water Arsenic measured above the allowed level in the spring that provides water to about 60 Coventry Village residents and the school, said Jeanne Desrochers, who came to th... More »

Coventry board calls in State Police


copyright the Chronicle October 19, 2016 by Elizabeth Trail  COVENTRY — The State Police have been asked to take a look at the unfolding accounting crisis in Coventry. Last week, an attorney specializing in municipal law, Paul Gillies of the Montpelier firm of... More »