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copyright the Chronicle November 2, 2016

by Elizabeth Trail

Coventry finds arsenic in water

Arsenic measured above the allowed level in the spring that provides water to about 60 Coventry Village residents and the school, said Jeanne Desrochers, who came to the October 25 select board meeting on behalf of the Coventry Fire District (CFD.)

The CFD will hold a forum on Thursday, November 3, at 6 p.m. at the community center to answer questions. Despite its name, the Coventry Fire District’s job is to supply water to the village, the school, and a few outlying areas.

Everyone who gets water through the fire district, including the Coventry Village School, has already been notified and given recommendations on how to protect themselves until a permanent fix can be found, Ms. Desrochers said. She invited the board to send a representative to the forum.

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