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Solar tourists flood the Kingdom

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by Joseph Gresser

BARTON — Monday morning people driving through Glover on Route 16 were slowed a little by traffic around Currier’s Market and the Busy Bee.  That isn’t terribly unusual, but even a casual glance at the license plates of the cars that lined the side of the road made it clear something unusual was up.

In addition to vehicles from neighboring states, some had come some distance, with the farthest from home — based on a very quick check — was one motorist from Montana.

That was the sun.  Or more specifically a total eclipse of the sun.

The eclipse was predicted many years ago, but the odds of a clear day in the Kingdom in early April seemed slim at best.  Luckily a slim chance isn’t the same as no chance at all, and weather forecasts for the past week or so had been calling for clear skies.

Whether the throngs of sky watchers would

have shown up had the weather been less favorable is impossible to know. ..

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