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Sewage explodes from Glover toilets

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copyright the Chronicle August 9, 2017

by Elizabeth Trail


GLOVER — Kate Butler came home from a hard day of work on Monday and was mystified to find her bathroom walls, towels, and counters soaked with water.

“It was really smelly,” she said. “Wet everywhere.”

It tuned out that an attempt to clear out a clogged sewer line in Glover Village early in the afternoon had backfired, leaving several residents with water — or worse — in their bath and laundry rooms.

In Theresa Perron’s house, raw sewage spewed out of the toilet, coating towels, walls, toothbrushes, and the shower curtain, Ms. Perron’s niece Hannah Cole said.

“Projectile poop,” Ms. Cole called it.

The brown wave surged into Ms. Perron’s brand new washing machine. It shot up out of the pipe that the drain goes into, coating both washer and dryer.

“We literally had poop stains on the ceiling,” Ms. Cole said.

“We were cleaning out the lines with pressure,” Glover Selectman Jack Sumberg said. “As an unforeseen consequence, it blew back into some people’s houses.”

Ms. Cole and Ms. Perron had quite a cleaning job.

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