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Newport City Council: Rules relaxed for city ATV riders

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by Joseph Gresser

NEWPORT — In the first year ATVs were allowed to use city streets to get to downtown businesses, Newport police fielded 25 complaints and issued two tickets. Newport Police Chief Travis Brigham told city council members at their meeting Monday that both went to city residents who own all-terrain vehicles and were simply trying to drive from their homes to the nearest trail.

The council voted to remedy that unforeseen situation by approving an ordinance allowing Newport residents who own ATVs to travel any city street on the way to the nearest trail.

Mayor Paul Monette said he was surprised to learn how many citizens were in the situation faced by the two who were ticketed.

In most other regards, he said, the initial year of ATV traffic in the city went well.

In October 2019, when the council approved…


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