NC Junior Falcons A team takes down Spartans

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NEWPORT —A brisk wind blew the Winooski Spartans in to Newport Saturday morning, where they faced the North Country Junior Falcons.

The B team opened the morning by receiving the kick.  They went on to fumble the ball giving Winooski the ball on their own 39-yard line.  The Spartans took advantage and scored the first touchdown of the game early.  Falcons running back Shawn Fearino encouraged his team with back-to-back first downs.

The Falcons again fumbled the dew-wet ball, setting Winooski up for another touchdown.  In the third quarter, Chris Pierce forced his way through the line, sacking the Winooski quarterback.

Winooski chose to put the ball in the air, where it was intercepted by Falcon safety, Dan Broome, in the end zone, giving the Falcons possession at the twenty, on the touchback.  On the hand off, Sam Austin ran the ball 54 yards, getting tackled inside the one and setting up the Falcons’ only touchdown, carried over the line by Braxton Azur.  Final score:  Falcons 6, Winooski 18.

In a rematch of last season’s Division 2 championship, the undefeated A team Falcons faced the undefeated Winooski Spartans.  Alex Fearino received the opening kick for the Falcons.  The Falcons moved the ball steadily down the field with a 25-yard run, by quarterback Alex Haugwitz, a 15-yard gain on a reverse to Troy Sanville, and the quarterback keeping it again and going 25 yards for the first Falcon touchdown. Asom Hayman-Jones went up in double coverage to come down with the extra two.  Haugwitz carried the ball again for a touchdown and crossed for the extra point.  Skylar Stone and Alex Fearino teamed up for a huge combined tackle to end the half.

Shortly into the second half Garrett Gile carried the ball across the goal line for another Falcons touchdown.  With 2:32 left in the third quarter, Winooski managed to score a touchdown and the extra two.  The ensuing onside kick was covered by Stephen Austin, giving the Falcons a tremendous starting spot.

On an offensive drive, Haugwitz opted to keep the ball again, traveling 35 yards for yet another Falcons touchdown.  Asom Hayman-Jones again went up for the extra two.  Not wanting to be forgotten, the Falcons defense got fired up in the fourth.  Cole Azur made multiple chinstrap rattling hits, while late in the quarter Alex Fearino was tackling the ball carrier in the backfield.  The Junior Falcon A team continues to roll along undefeated with a final score of 29-8.

Both squads are in action next Saturday against the Fairfax Patriots, with the B team starting at 9 a.m. and the A team immediately following.  — submitted by Eva Broome


Junior Falcons A team triumphs over Bulldogs

BRADFORD — Early Saturday morning the Junior Falcons football team, B squad, faced the Bradford Bulldogs in Bradford.  The Falcons opened the game with a 30-yard kick by Kevin Langtagne.  Seven minutes into the game Bradford put the first points on the board.  Falcons quarterback Jack Young kept the ball and ran for 45 yards, crossing onto the Bradford side of the field, setting up running back Shawn Fearino for back-to-back gains and a Falcons touchdown.  Jordan Carpenter caught the pass for the extra 2.

The Falcons received the ball to start the second half.  Kyle Martin put up some big tackles as well as running the ball and scoring the Falcons second touchdown.  Nick Choquette had a big tackle in the backfield setting up fourth and seventeen forcing the Bulldogs to punt.  The Falcons took possession of the ball on the Bradford 27-yard line.  Jack Young scored his second touchdown of the game with Braxton Azur getting the plus one.  With less than two minutes to go Bradford scored ending the game with a score of Bradford 26, Falcons 21.

Following the B team and coming off a big win last week, the A team boys took the field.  Shortly into the first quarter, Rian Hayman-Jones picked off a Bulldog pass returning it for 65 yards, setting the Falcons offense up on the five-yard line.  Garrett Gile crossed into the endzone for the first Falcon touchdown.  The Bulldogs were forced to punt from their own 30-yard line, giving the Falcons the ball on the Falcon 25.  Cole Azur answered with a 40-yard run and another Falcon touchdown with the plus two being scored by Garrett.  Michael Martin had a fumble recovery on the 18-yard line.  Garrett had another touchdown on a reverse pass, with quarterback Alex Haugwitz keeping the ball and running across for the plus one.  Folowing an interception by the Falcons, Cole traveled the length of the field for another Falcon touchdown.  Skylar Stone led a strong defense with Justin McGork getting another interception for the Falcons.  Garrett Blake fell on the ball for a fumble recovery at the 29-yard line giving the Falcons possession.  Cole Azur would score two more times with Alex Haugwitz and Garrett Gile both putting up plus ones.  The score at half time was Falcons 41, Bulldogs 0.  A quiet third quarter was seen with Bradford scoring with time edging towards the final quarter.

The fourth quarter opened with the kick being returned for a touchdown, again by Cole.  Bradford recovered the dropped snap denying the extra point.  Bradford went on to score again.  The final score was Falcons 47, Bradford 14.

Both squads are in action at home next Saturday with kickoff for the B team at 8 a.m., when they face the Winooski Spartans.

—  submitted by Eva Broome

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