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Lowell Town Meeting

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Steve Mason steps away from school board

by Faye Starr

LOWELL — An energetic crowd filled the Lowell Graded School gym on  Town Meeting Day, March 5.  The event, moderated by 29-year veteran Alden Warner, started with the school budget which prompted discussion about the contributing factors that influence the budget.

School board member Steve Mason answered questions and concerns with clarity and skill. Mr. Mason, who has served diligently on the school board for 19 years, will be stepping away from the position this year.  He has been a stabilizing influence in this role for the school and community at large. Following the conclusion of school business, Mr. Mason was thanked for his years of service and enthusiastically applauded by the gathering.

Longtime Lowell schoolteacher and principal Scott Boskind was also noted for temporarily leaving retirement to return as principal last fall.  Mr. Boskind stepped in during a time of need and stayed on to mentor Brandon Blunk who took over as interim principal.  Both educators were applauded by a grateful community.  Mr. Boskind spoke of the honor he felt to have worked with Steve Mason and the pleasure he got from being asked to return to Lowell and that this town will always feel like home to him.  He also expressed his pride in the town for passing the school budget and avoiding a difficult situation.

The kitchen crew served lunch and snacks for the price of a donation to benefit the eighth-grade class trip.  A bake sale was held by the Lowell Community Library featuring a large variety of delicious treats.  The proceeds will be used to fund reading programs in the coming months.  Approximately $160 was raised to support these efforts.

Librarian Nancy Allen and the library trustees are very thankful for everyone who contributed their time and energy to the event.

Solar eclipse glasses were also available and can be picked up at the library if needed.

NEK Broadband hosted a table providing information on the availability of high-speed fiber Internet coming to Lowell,  Pre-registration was available for interested residents as well as informative literature.  NEK Broadband Internet will be coming to many Lowell addresses in 2024 with other addresses slated for service as future builds are completed.   Over 200 miles of fiber was run last year offering service to over 2,300 addresses.

NEK Broadband is also committed to hiring local people to continue building the network. There were some excited people when they discovered this service would soon be available to their home.  For more information about service or job openings, visit

The Lowell Historical Society announced that it will again offer the $1,000 Harry Wellmen Scholarship to a graduating Lowell senior who is accepted and enrolled in college.  Applicants must submit an essay on any aspect of Lowell history by July 15.  It should be no less than 500 words long.  Please contact the historical society for more information.

Most budgets were passed easily, and some after discussion.  One service that was in effect last year failed to gain a majority vote.  Money for the Orleans County Sheriff’s Department was voted down by a count of 41 to 33.

Several positions saw incumbents maintain their seats and other open positions were filled by new nominees.  Alden Warner was once again voted in as moderator. Shauna Richardson will fill the school board director position left by the retiring Steve Mason. Wayne Richardson held onto his select board position for a three-year term. Chris Hager will serve for three years as lister. Ashley Callahan will serve as first constable for one year and Christopher Pion as second Constable for one year.  Debbie Manning will join four other trustees to support the library for the remainder of a two-year term.  Dorothy Spoerl will serve three years as an auditor. Arlen Warner will serve as an auditor for two years.

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