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How I blew my chance to be a millionaire

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by Tena Starr

I’d been puzzling about the recent lack of scammers to mess with when I got a call last week from a robot that was trying hard to sound like a reasonable person.

Congratulations, it said.  I’d won second place in Powerball, and was about to be the recipient of $800,000 and a Ford F150 Explorer.

Well, great!  I have no use for a Ford F150 Explorer — being pretty much a sedan person — even if there were such a vehicle, which there isn’t.  There are Ford F150s, trucks, and there are Ford Explorers, SUVs.  But no such thing I know of as an F150 Explorer.

It a little reminded me of when I tried to buy Christmas tree lights online, and the vendor wrote that the “exquisite” lights stood “the time of test.”  You know, kind of a signal that someone doesn’t quite know what they’re talking about.

Although not interested in a non-existent vehicle, nearly a million bucks would come in handy.

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