Holland Jr. Iron Chefs take home top award

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Holland junior chefs won the top award in their category, middle school, on March 16 at the Junior Iron Chef Competition at the Essex Fairgrounds. There are two heats, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. They won the Crowd Pleaser Award with their Notchyo Average Stuffed Wonton Nachos. The award was based on both appearance and taste. They had 90 minutes to complete their dish. Their coach, Holland school Food Service Manager Jason Marcoux, could not be in the area in which the students were cooking. He could only coach from outside a marked area. Except the butane burner they were using shot out flames at the very beginning and he jumped in to put them out, said school Principal Kelli Dean. Another school loaned them an extra for the competition. Each student received a bag full of Vermont products, cookbooks, and cooking items — and the glory of being the smallest school there and winning the top prize. Pictured, from left to right, are team alternate Alyssa Farrow, Keagan Dunn, Natasha Godfrey, Lily Beauvais, Hailey Corey, student coach Iliana Deskins, and Coach Jason Marcoux. Photos courtesy of Holland school
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