Dollar General builds new retail store in North Troy

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Construction is underway on this site in North Troy, which will be the home of Vermont’s thirteenth Dollar General store. The 9,100-square foot store will provide jobs for between six and ten employees. The tentative completion date is October 24 with the store anticipated to open by the end of the month.
Photo by Richard Creaser

by Richard Creaser

copyright the Chronicle 9-12-2012

NORTH TROY — Dollar General confirmed this week that it will build a 9,100-square-foot store in North Troy.  The store is expected to open by the end of October.

“Seventy percent of our stores are located in smaller, rural communities with fewer than 20,000 people,” said Dollar General Communications Director Rebecca Sanders on Monday.  “While we do have stores in larger, urban and suburban areas, our focus has always been on meeting the needs of rural communities.  This store was just a great fit for us.”

Dollar General operates a dozen stores in Vermont, including one in Richford and another in Lyndonville.  When they open, the North Troy store will employ between six and ten people, Ms. Sanders said.  The exact number of employees will be determined by customer traffic.

The North Troy project is unique on several levels, Ms. Sanders said.  Most Dollar General stores are in leased buildings, but in North Troy the store will be custom built on Main Street.  The average Dollar General store is also a modest 7,200 square feet, but the North Troy store will measure 9,100 square feet.

The size of a store is typically related to the variety of merchandise it carries coupled with the store’s proximity to its competitors, Ms. Sanders said.  The geographic and demographic profile of the North Troy location indicated that a bigger store would be better able to serve its customer base.

Dollar General labels itself a “small-box retailer,” combining the buying power of 10,000 locations in 40 states while tailoring product lines to meet the needs of its customer base, Ms. Sanders said.  Shoppers can expect to see a wide variety of brand name goods at affordable prices, she said.

“Easy to navigate stores, low prices and convenient locations are what we strive for at Dollar General,” Ms. Sanders said.

Alan Bellis is the senior project manager at the Ohio-based Zaremba Group, the company responsible for construction on the project.  Mr. Bellis said construction is slated for completion on October 24, with the store opening the following weekend.

“It’s a pretty aggressive timeline but it can be done,” Mr. Bellis said.  “I wasn’t personally involved in the permitting process, but I would guess that this project has been in the works for the better part of a year.”

Ms. Sanders was unable to verify the construction schedule.

“I do know that we will make an effort to let people know about our grand opening when that time comes,” she said.  “We’re thrilled to be able to open this store and become a part of your community.  We hope that people will be as pumped up and excited about this new store as we are.”

Dollar General sells clothing, accessories, food, health and beauty products, household and outdoor products, baby items, school supplies, toys, and more.

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