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Irasburg is on the right path with its university


Last week Irasburg launched the University of Irasburg, a month of neighbors offering free classes to neighbors. In some ways, as organizer Judith Jackson acknowledges, it’s amusing. But it’s also serious. Urban Vermont, urban America, are doing pretty well ri... More »

Year end


We’re starting 2019 with a look back at 2018, which we view as a year when Orleans County decided to stand up on its hind legs. This part of Vermont got loud last year. Rural Vermont is struggling. Actually, rural America is struggling, making Vermont no excep... More »

What changed?


I remember the day of the Columbine shootings where two teens killed 13 people and wounded nearly two dozen others at the Colorado high school before turning their guns on themselves. What I remember most clearly is the shock. I couldn’t immediately process wh... More »

We each get to decide what ruins our experience


I was saddened to read in last week’s Chronicle that your joyful experience of the Kingdom’s winters is so often ruined by people riding by on snow machines. I too have loved the woods in winter since I discovered cross-country skiing 48 years ago. We had just... More »

Open government is good government!


  by Secretary of State Jim Condos   March 11-17 is Sunshine Week, a national celebration of access to public information and what it means for you and your community. All across Vermont new board members and other town and city officials are being sworn in an... More »

One size doesn’t fit all


copyright the Chronicle February 14, 2018 For a long time the Bread and Puppet Theater in Glover had a regular circus act performed by The Rotten Idea Theater, which drew the audience’s attention to, well, rotten ideas. We’re not performance artists, sadly not... More »

Adding insult to injury


copyright the Chronicle February 7, 2018 State government is capable of coming up with some pretty bad ideas, but Representative Brian Smith of Derby called attention to a doozy last week. Mr. Smith, who is also a longtime selectman, held a mini-hearing for ot... More »

Fire department merger should benefit everyone


copyright the Chronicle January 24, 2018   With the very able assistance of Orleans Village Administrator John Morley, the Barton and Orleans fire departments are pursuing something of a merger. What a great idea! For years now, all emergency departments — fir... More »

Westmore Select Board tackles public nudity


copyright the Chronicle October 11, 2017   by Elizabeth Trail   WESTMORE — The select board here is talking about passing a public indecency ordinance, with fines of up to $800, following complaints from people who said they were harassed at the nude beach at ... More »



Editorial VOTER BEWARE OF SOCIAL MEDIA This has not been a pleasant election year.  At the national level, the discourse, if you can call it that, veers between astounding and revolting. However, we’re happy to say that, locally the conversation has been large... More »

Does school district consolidation save money?


copyright the Chronicle August 3, 2016 by Tena Starr Last month, voters in the Orleans Central Supervisory Union (OCSU) rejected a plan to consolidate into a single big school district. When they did, they also threw away the carrots that went with early conso... More »

Opinion: Well, maybe it can happen here


  copyright the Chronicle March 23, 2016 by Chris Braithwaite If you’ve been as gob smacked as I have by The Donald phenomenon, I have a recommendation: Find a copy of It Can’t Happen Here and give it a read. It’s the most relevant commentary I’ve encountered ... More »