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Editorial: Fight tar sands oil — for the right reasons


copyright the Chronicle February 26, 2014 Next week at Town Meeting four Orleans County towns will vote on a resolution that basically says they don’t want tar sands oil to be shipped through the Portland Pipeline’s Northeast Kingdom oil lines.  They are Alban... More »

Editorial: Newport City Council missed the boat


The Newport City Council missed the boat last week when approached about the possibility of putting a tar sands resolution on the agenda for the annual City Meeting in March.  The council could have welcomed city residents who want to talk about an important l... More »

Editorial: No retreat


President Obama was right to stand his ground while the government was shut down by the U.S. House of Representatives, which is controlled by the Republican Party, which is controlled by its extreme right wing. To give in would have been to turn the government... More »

Editorial: A sad echo from across the sea


“They’re still at it!” That’s what we said when we read the astounding news that on September 5, almost three decades after Vermont State Police raided the Northeast Kingdom Community Church in Island Pond and seized its children, it happened again in southern... More »

Editorial: A closer look at the obesity epidemic


The statistics presented by the district health department Saturday are alarming.  Seventy-five percent of the people in Orleans and northern Essex counties are overweight or obese, they say. What might be even more alarming is the assertion made by the film W... More »

Opinion: Do the math on wind power


by Vermont Senator John S. Rodgers If 66 percent of Vermonters favor industrial wind on our mountains, then pro-wind groups have nothing to worry about in Senate Bill S-30.  S-30 lays out a process to answer many unanswered questions about industrial wind.  It... More »

Grandfather’s notebook: Moving sideways


by Chris Braithwaite copyright the Chronicle 12-26-2012 Part of my DNA is walking around West Glover in African-American skin. Part of my DNA is in first grade in Ridgefield, Washington, dealing with Down syndrome. Part of my DNA is in two children in Leeds, E... More »

Sims has the right kind of experience


I have worked with Katherine Sims for 5 years as she has developed a program that is affecting the northern Vermont community in a very positive way. Katherine designed, energized and directed our effort to benefit farmers, bring wholesome local food to school... More »