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The Chronicle, like other local businesses, is crucial to the area

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Thanks to you and the staff of the Chronicle for continuing to produce the high-quality newspaper we have grown accustomed to in Orleans County, despite the immense challenges of the current crisis.  The information is valuable, the stories of residents are inspirational, and the appearance of the paper in my mailbox on Thursday is reassuring.  Governor Scott recognized the importance of news organizations when he encouraged Vermonters to support them.

The Chronicle, like other businesses and institutions, is crucial to the area.  I want to remind ourselves of an important lesson coming out of this crisis:  That what matters most are family, friends and community.  There has never been a time when it’s been more critical to support our neighbors, including local businesses, in whatever way we are able.

The Chronicle is one of the reasons Orleans County is what it is.  I urge readers to support local businesses, including the Chronicle.  I urge those who can to purchase a subscription for yourself, a friend, a family member or a neighbor, buy an ad or simply make a donation to the Chronicle

The Chronicle is indeed “essential” to our lives here.


Darlene Young and Ned Andrews


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