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Barton cannabis shops open snack bars

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by Matthew Wilson

BARTON — As the market has grown, several legal pot shops have opened up throughout the area.  Looking to capitalize on the traffic of consumers shopping for cannabis, two stores have taken it a step further.  Giving customers some grub to enjoy on their trip to grab some weed, food trucks have expanded the menu to more than a choice selection of flower.

While the idea of people consuming cannabis and getting the munchies is a natural thought, state law does not allow consumption of pot in public, so the shops and food trucks are mostly linked by ownership and proximity.

Over the summer, people passing by on Route 5 have watched the construction at a fondly remembered snack shack.  Once called the B&W, which some fondly refer to as bugs and worms, the establishment sat empty for several years before John Carter saw the perfect opportunity to revive the location with his own dream.

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