Taxes, funding, Act 46, opiates discussed at forum

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copyright the Chronicle February 14, 2018


ORLEANS — Property taxes, education funding, and Act 46 dominated the conversation at Monday night’s legislative forum at the Orleans Elementary School.

In the course of talking about those issues, legislators and the public engaged in a long and spirited dialogue that touched upon the opioid crisis, the aging Vermont population, vocational training, and the rural economy.

I don’t think Act 46 is anything more than an excuse for the Legislature to say they’ve done something about property taxes,” Senator Bobby Starr of North Troy told a group of school administrators, educators, board members and community members assembled in the school gym. “It’s cost $31-million to subsidize the districts that have merged, and I don’t see any place where we’ve saved the $31-million that we’ve spent to get in this situation.”

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