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Old Stone House welcomes a new generation


copyright the Chronicle December 6, 2017   by Elizabeth Trail   BROWNINGTON — Molly Veysey started her new job as director of the Old Stone House Museum on December 1. So did Finance Manager Walter Parenteau. Both are 36 years old. Add in administrative assist... More »

Peggy Day Gibson steps aside at the Old Stone House Museum


copyright the Chronicle July 12, 201   by Tena Starr   BROWNINGTON — For the past ten years or so Peggy Day Gibson has turned her capable and enthusiastic hand to transforming the picturesque Brownington neighborhood that’s home to the Old Stone Museum into vi... More »

Thousands turn out for historic schoolhouse journey


copyright the Chronicle August 10, 2016 by Joseph Gresser BROWNINGTON — The1823 Orleans County Grammar School traveled a third of a mile Monday with the help of 23 yoke of oxen and a pair of powerful hydrostatic motors. Peggy Day Gibson, director of the Old St... More »


Students seek answers about mysterious black doll


copyright the Chronicle, October 9, 2013 by Tena Starr Stella Halpern is hoping someone will solve a mystery for her.  What was a very old, battered, handmade black doll doing in the rafters of a house in East Burke? Mrs. Halpern bought the doll in 2003 at an ... More »