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Lawyers for Stenger tell state to bring it on


copyright the Chronicle October 19, 2016 by Joseph Gresser NEWPORT — Lawyers for Bill Stenger have told the state to bring it on. In a September 7 filing in the Civil Division of Washington County Superior Court, they denied all the fraud charges related to EB... More »

EB-5 investors take aim at Quiros and Raymond James


copyright the Chronicle June 15, 2016 by Joseph Gresser The major skirmishes in the legal battle over Jay Peak’s EB-5 projects seem to have settled down, at least for the moment. Civil suits filed against Ariel Quiros, the owner of Jay Peak and Burke Mountain ... More »

Quiros allowed $15,000 a month for expenses


copyright the Chronicle June 1, 2016 by Joseph Gresser U.S. District Court Judge Darrin Gayles granted, in part, Ariel Quiros’ request for money to pay legal fees and living expenses last week. The same day Mr. Quiros, the owner of Jay Peak and Burke Mountain ... More »

SEC turns up heat on Quiros


copyright the Chronicle May 18, 2016 by Joseph Gresser Federal regulators turned up the heat on Ariel Quiros Tuesday when they filed an amended complaint in the civil case against the owner of Jay Peak Resort.  Mr. Quiros, along with many of his businesses, an... More »

Jay Peak is alarmingly short of money


copyright the Chronicle April 27, 2016 by Joseph Gresser Jay Peak may not have enough money to keep going through the summer, said Michael Goldberg, the Florida lawyer put in charge of overseeing the collection of EB-5 projects centered around the ski resort. ... More »

EB-5: Suspicions arose in 2010


copyright the Chronicle April 27, 2016 by Tena Starr A suspicious Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) started questioning Bill Stenger and Ariel Quiros, owner of Jay Peak and Q Burke, back in May of 2014.  But they weren’t the only ones who were suspiciou... More »

Lawsuits claim massive fraud


copyright the Chronicle April 20, 2016 by Chris Braithwaite The fix was in from the beginning. That grim conclusion emerges from a reading of the civil lawsuits state and federal officials have filed against Bill Stenger, Ariel Quiros, Jay Peak, Inc., Q Resort... More »

Stenger pled ignorance to SEC in 2014


copyright the Chronicle April 20, 2016 by Chris Braithwaite When investigators with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission asked Bill Stenger whether his partner had bought Jay Peak resort with money misappropriated from foreign investors, Mr. Stenger sai... More »

Stenger and state spar over finances


copyright the Chronicle April 13, 2016 by Joseph Gresser EAST BURKE – A long-running disagreement between the sponsors of two EB-5-funded projects and state regulators has been thrown into sharp relief through an exchange of letters between the owners of Q Bur... More »

Stenger says Newport plans are on track


copyright the Chronicle April 6, 2016 by Joseph Gresser NEWPORT – Bill Stenger says his plans for Newport are on track, although those related to the AnC Bio facility are undergoing some modifications in reaction to changes in the direction of biomedical techn... More »


Stenger lays out ambitious plans for airport


copyright the Chronicle August 5, 2015 by Joseph Gresser COVENTRY — A crowd of about 30 pilots legislators, reporters, and the curious found their way to a hangar at what will soon be the Northeast Kingdom International Airport on Thursday afternoon, July 30. ... More »